Terms and Conditions

Commissions, design and consultancy:

Copyright of the work will remain in the possession of The World of Christine Watson (WOCW) until the work is paid for in full. Only then will the copyright of the work be passed on to the client. However, WOCW will retain the Intellectual Property, which may result in the use of the work as means of promotion for WOCW.

Once an agreement has been made between WOCW and yourself, a time schedule will be drawn up and sent to you for your approval. Clients then wishing to place an order with WOCW will be asked to send a purchase order for the required work together with a 30% commencement fee.

Printed Work

Although WOCW always take great care and attention to check through all work before client approval, WOCW cannot accept any responsibility for any typographical or other content errors including images after final approval from the client. Please check through your final proofs carefully as they cannot be changed once delivered for printing.

Payment terms

Our payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice, unless a prior arrangement has been made with WOCW before the date of invoice.

Any orders for finished product, including Limited Edition Prints and Stationery, will only be shipped once full payment is received and cleared.

Late and Non-payment

Late payment of invoices will incur a daily administration charge to the value of 10% of the total bill if a final demand is issued. Non payment of invoice will result in legal action. If payments are received on time and then they do not clear, WOCW will charge you the administration fees from the invoice due date.

Cancellation of contract by you

If for any circumstances you have to cancel an agreement with WOCW once work has started or within 7 days when time has been allocated to work on your contract, you will be charged 30% of the overall fee and in addition any costs that WOCW may have incurred on your behalf.

Cancellation of contract by WOCW

WOCW have the right to cancel the contract at any time if we feel that the project is unworkable or will interfere with our reputation, integrity and/or moral views.


At WOCW, we value your privacy. We collect and hold your submitted information for internal purposes only. We will not sell, distribute or pass on your details to any third party, unless for legal reasons.