Welcome to The World of Christine Watson, the home of Jolly Holly®

Come and see my work at the Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea, London, where I will be exhibiting on the 22nd and 23rd July 2017. Tickets & further information are available online here http://www.parallaxaf.co/tickets.html

We love Jolly Holly®

JOLLY HOLLY® is the name of an extensive range of products available under licence from registered trademark owner Christine Watson.

The words were recognised by Christine as having visual impact in their own right and when used to describe product ranges, would have tremendous commercial appeal.

Christine also chose these words to embody the warm and happy spirit of Christmas.

Jolly Holly® is available for licensing. Please contact us to find out more.

Jolly Holly, the Jolly Holly logo, all characters and their names ,the products and their design are either ™ and/or © CHRISTINE WATSON.

Christine Watson and Kate Garner collaborated to produce this Jolly Holly Story CD (pictured) available now for Christmas.